Dot cf




Terms and Conditions for CF domain resellers

Any legal entity can apply to become a CF domain reseller, whether located in or outside of the Central African Republic. An ICANN Registrar accreditation is not required to resell CF domains.

CF domain resellers will be able to connect to our platform via EPP or API protocols, and can resell domains during the Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability periods. For more information on the launch calendar, please visit the FAQ section.

CF domain resellers can have an infinite number of sub-resellers, who will use sub-accounts.

The Dot CF Registry operates its own WHOIS (Thick Registry) and resellers are required to communicate Registrant data in order to ensure the continuity of the Registry.

Signup is free and incurs no obligation to sell any number of CF domains. The CF Naming Policy, Dispute Resolution Policy and Privacy Policy will be communicated to all CF domain resellers after signup.